The True Origin of Today’s Internet and Worldwide Web

Internet listed as Utility ?What becomes of the Inventor [ Shown below ]. “Life becomes a hell “, says Hartman after government steals invention . “They are still sweeping it under the rug while the government usurps power and the millionaires and billionaires get richer”. I regret ever trusting them with my property. They stole it all real estate and Intellectual property . Thus far they have not had the decency to fix it …..I NEVER ABANDONED MY PROPERTY RIGHTS..their FRAUD .

As a senior still fighting for Justice…for 30 years I have battled the institutionalized racism and greed even as black faces populate the internet, they censure my story and the corruption and crooked court trials continue. Follow case no. 21-1535 in Appeals Ct. for the Federal Circuit in  Dorothy M. Hartman vs. United States . The image below shows government SBDC’s Small Business Development Centers and the federal government run Small Business Innovation Research [SBIR] Program to whom my ideas were exposed 1989-1990  before theft by NSF and Dept. of Commerce in 1990. I allege that the government by way of the NSF and Dept. of Commerce gifted my intellectual property to itself in violation of its own conflict of interest laws and gave it away royalty free to what became big tech and ecommerce with the use of my version of the Internet that is able to accommodate billions of users at once . Something the government’s version of Internet 1 or the Arpanet was never able to do . I want JUSTICE now! I am owed for damages to my life as they took my personal property by theft , fraud , and personal injury .  I am owed compensation for Eminent Domain as it is used as a Utility .