The Success of the Internet Was Not Magic…but Creativity

Peer 1 Internet MapArpanet 1977 Arpanet Logics Map 1977

Creativity and using Cyberspace . Cyberspace has been latent in computers since the first computer was built at the University of Pennsylvania in 1967.Only by understanding the past can we move forward to a better future . Using Cyberspace is not new , but the inventor’s ideas taught the government in using cyberspace successfully in her proposals . The inventor alleges that the government’s understanding of that is what led the National Science Foundation to commission the Merit Networks of Michigan to use the ideas to change the old telecom structures to the new internet making its debut first as the Information SuperhighwayThe Internet Before 1990 , then the NSFNET and later called the Internet .

The Success of the Internet has not been due to ” Magic” , announces ABFY Ceo Hartman , Entrepreneur and Inventor alleges that her ideas were “copied” and that she is unrecognized and uncompensated for her ideas which were used by the Federal Government to transform the Internet. The government would like to project that ” My ideas were nothing – when in fact they were everything to the success of the industry .” As shown in the images Arpanet Logical Map shown above , the Internet of 1987 from the book by J. Sherman , The History of the Internet , copyright 2003 and the Internet Map from Money. Article 03/06/2013 showing the Peer 1 App Representation clearly the Internet has undergone a dramatic shift since the late 1980’s . The telecom network(s) based on the ARPANET were phased out in 1989 . There are so many users or representations for users within networks that an Internet Map would have to be computerized as shown in the Peer 1 Representation above . Hartman’s abstract thoughts were translated into steps of  a process as shown in Hartman’s Patent Application U.S. #11003123 , Accessing Accessibility Process .


The change(s) and the tremendous expansion that has occurred in the telecom structure resulting in what we refer to today as the INTERNET are the results of Dorothy M. Hartman’s contributions in 1990 to the federal government . Ms. Hartman alleges that when she sought funding to start a home based business in offering to do information retrieval and researching goods and services for consumers , she shared her ideas with government programs. Her ideas introduced the concepts of using “online” businesses to help businesses and consumers interact with each other . The benefits would be increased commerce and a better economy . Everyone is using cyberspace when using the internet .

The telecom network(s) available at the time were primarily being used by military , the academic community , and to a limited degree by the medical field and Wall Street . In her proposals , she advocated the use of computers for different types of online transactions – information retrieval and shopping for goods and services . Cyberspace is latent in computers and by using cyberspace as an alternative marketplace – the increase in transactions is potentially infinite . Not infinite , but potentially infinite because of the need for hardware , software , and other accessories . She indicated how making such services available to the population at large could increase commerce and boost the economy . She says the government adopted her proposals of “Commercializing Telecommunications ” because her ideas were as good as gold or the trillions of dollars that now circulate through the economy because of telecom
. But the racism and greed was too great in government corruption that stole her intellectual property and then tried to insure that she would never prosper from it. Only those that the racist and arrogant core of corrupt government elitists should be credited with the wealth from the Telecommunications boom. The credit went to those already in the technology industry- some of them known by internet pioneers from the UCLA and USC community in California . “All of them given opportunities to prosper”. Yahoo , Google , and MSN or Microsoft were the first search engines . Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had great opportunities for their computers and later phones .

I might add .” Ecommerce has grown because of this inventor’s input . Billions of smartphones , tablets , video games , social networking , and the other businesses that feed off the INTERNET are able to do so because of her ideas which made the changes possible , enabling them to engage with billions of individuals now online because of the creativity and vision of this woman . Clearly using Cyberspace as Hartman teaches in proposals that she first shared with the government in 1990 was the creativity that led to the Digital Revolution , and not ‘Magic’ and not Big Tech as Big Tech developed as a result of the capacity of the Internet to absorb billions of people online. She is fighting for justice as she has not received the respect that she deserves nor been paid in anyway for the use of her intellectual property. The inventor alleges that she is still being exploited after 30 years because she is African – American , female ,and handicapped .

“This is a monumental injustice which should be corrected without further delay “. Hartman says that she is disappointed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit which upheld the rulings by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in its decision on March 8 , 2013 . However , she says that the Court did not review what she alleges are the Patent’s Office violations of her Constitutional Rights in its denial of her Petition for Rehearing on May 14 , 2013 . She further filed a Writ of Mandamus with the Supreme Court which was not reviewed and therefore denied in February 2015. Ms. Hartman has continued her fight through the filing of Tort Claims and is therefore suing the government of the United States in the court case ; Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States of America , Case No. 21-1535 in the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit. You can follow at