The Inventor seeks Justice in Case No. 2022-1955 in Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit



Temple Univ.Bio.Medical Sci.Pro


How to fight corruption ?  Internet Inventor sues the Biden Administration .

The Inventor continues to seek Justice in the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit even as she alleges that there is constant interference with her computer and her ability to posts . A great deal of hacking is being done either by the Government or agents hacking on behalf of the government . ” I am still being treated like I am some kind of criminal for standing up for my own property rights . They have taken my home(s) illegally and other damages in ongoing persecution by high level crooks . “She alleges that this is absolutely the biggest fraud and the most horrific government crimes done basically using racism , excessive greed , and corruption in lieu of legal trials to avoid acknowledging and compensating her . You can follow the trial at Pacer.Gov  Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States , Court is the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit , and the case no. is 2021-1535 .  You can download pages from the trial for about 10 cents per sheet .

The huge problem is that not only is she being persecuted when she innocently and with hope and generosity towards all when she submitted her proposals to the SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Research ) programs in 1990 and needless to say she is extremely disappointed in the outcome . Her invention has basically gone the way of the usual cork-screwed politics which enable the rich to get richer while leaving the rest of the population behind .  Except that this time it is worse than it has ever been and although Barack Obama was the first black president – in her mind , he will always be just another politician .   What did he do ?  Certainly nothing to advance Black People except for perhaps the so called Obama Care legislation which did help a number of people but even those ideas came from Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton who had the ideas first .

All in all , his ideas were to appease at any cost and gave the country’s treasury over to the banks and we know what happened with that and my ideas on Telecom over to those already in tech to assume as their ideas while violating my civil rights – again making more oligarchs than ever and increasing the disparity between the rich and poor . His policies went nowhere except to enrich the rich and himself and not only blacks but the working classes have become the poor .

Whereas I have voted Democratic for most of my life – and voted for Barack Obama the first time – I did not vote for him the second time . I held my nose and voted for Hillary Clinton but she was not the democrat candidate of my choice . Again I voted for Joe Biden and held my nose a second time because he was not the democrat of my choice. My choice was and is Bernie Sanders . Not for his ethnicity but for his integrity . He is not joined at the hip with corporations and would have made a better advocate for the people and would have been able to construct a bipartisan government that would have been able to put the country back together again . 

This way the “dingbats” are still in charge , but I do wish both President Biden and Vice President Tamala Harris good luck ! Meanwhile I will try to overcome the mess , the corruption and greed brought to my life while I was trying to help other people and myself. 

I was a good science teacher and well respected by my employers and colleagues and people listened to me .I was respected in my field. These people have not only ruined the country – they have ruined my life . Continuing to try and cheapen me with continued humiliation and injustice. Now in my 70’s when I should be enjoying the fruits of my work – I am instead devastated. So yes , I will continue fighting the fools, bigots, and crooks for as long as I am able because quiet as it is kept the economy was already in a downturn before the Covid19 virus . The Pandemic just deepened it and brought it to everyone’s attention .  They would have done better to grant my patent – paid me for my contributions as they should have than to have left the industry unstable , trying to protect it with fraud and lies . After all it originated here in this country and should have been protected , guarded and used properly to help the country instead of less than 5% of the population.