The Internet Before 1990 , then the NSFNET



The beginning of the Internet in 1969
The Internet began in 1969 .



1987 Arpanet

The Internet 1 or Arpanet , the Internet existing up until it was retired in 1989 -1990 . Hartman alleges that her ideas on Accessing Accessibility that she discussed in Small Business Development Centers in 1989 and filed with Small Business Innovation Research SBIR programs were used by the National Science Foundation and others primarily the Merits Network Foundation in Michigan were used to transform the original internet that had been formed by Arpa in 1969 and later called the ARPANET .

 The Arpanet also had other names , Internet 1 and  the internetting projects as it consisted of a number of smaller ‘nets’ adjunct to a major backbone . Hartman alleges that she began blogging and admitted online that she is the inventor of the modern day Internet – that a lot of editing , misinformation , and changing of events , names and dates have been exploded on the web regarding internet history . 

She alleges that major tech companies is hardly a place to go for what is fake or true internet history as true Internet History has been whitewashed . Further major tech and ecommerce companies are those that have profited most from the federal government’s give away of her property rights to itself and tech agencies and corporations .