But , the jokes including all the ‘cat’ jokes and references are all on me , not on you . My name is Dorothy M. Hartman and I am the true inventor of the Internet that you now use . I did say Inventor , the creative side and not a technician . I have learned very painful lessons for the past 30 years . I am seeking Justice and remediation of the situation in Court . This blog will introduce other sides of me to you as myself , a science teacher and an inventor . Once the ‘stealing’ and the takeover of my life began , the theft and the dissolution of my rights as a human being and a citizen did not stop there . There was other theft of intellectual property , two homes , and the destruction of two automobiles . The physical harm I may never recover from because of my age and the circumstances , medical malfeasance , and individuals involved is being protected by another group of so called officers of the law twisting Pennsylvania Law to try and hide events and evidence .

You can learn a lot from reading this blog and also my website at . On you will learn about events , circumstances , and government corruption by certain individuals that has led to this fiasco for me and for others who may really truly understand the scope of the injustice . Face it ! I do not have billions , not even millions . However my intellectual property was used to make others rich , besides giving them the almighty power of being able to use their titles , jobs , inventions , corporations , and so on built on my creativity to basically keep me from earning a living . And do I wish them all to hell !

No , just the ones responsible for setting us such a racist cockymania mess ! Where they have allowed the government and other now megla monopolistic corporations to grow powerful and wealthy while not paying me a dime ! Beyond that , devastating me and my life !!!! So to heck with the cat jokes and the code writers who have devastated my websites , blogs , and stores in an effort to prevent me from complaining about it and to completely censure me off the Internet . Without my input , none of them companies , social media , web hosts , titles , jobs, other inventions would not be on the Internet. This version of the Internet would not exist , it did not even come into existence until the early 1990’s . I feel as though they should have welcomed me , but the roots of racism , jealousy , hatred , and greed run very deep !!! . I shared how to use the infinity of cyberspace and other steps to take to improve telecommunications . A very bad mistake on my part !!!

But the worst evil are the power brokers , crooked judges , politicians , and others acting so called under the color of law who allowed this outrage to occur in the first place and in spite of my David/Goliath struggle in the Courts have thus far refused to administer Justice . It was law breaking by those at the top , that set it all up . So in this blog and , you will learn the truth about the history of the Internet and not all of the misinformation and fraud that has been propagated under the assumption of truth .