Telecom1990 … true story of the Online , INTERNET

This story is being told by the author , Dorothy M. Hartman as she alleges that she is the true inventor of the INTERNET 2 and ONLINE communication that has been in existence since circa 1993 -1995 . She alleges that the government used her intellectual property in 1990 -1991 to revamp or transform the previous internet that was invented by DARPA and its pioneers in 1969 . This Inventor claims that the original internet has never been used online for commercial purposes and by ordinary consumers . Most people alive today have never even seen the Internet that was invented by the government and its pioneer inventors , Vinton and Cerf . Stay tuned to this and its sister blog ,

The inventor, a retired science teacher and inventor is suing the United States government because she alleges that she has sought justice since the beginning when her information entrusted to the government through its Small Business Innovation Research Program or SBIR and the National Science Foundation in exchange for seeking funding of $25,000 to $35,000 to start a business from home , having developed the first prototype search engine instead chose to misappropriate and steal her intellectual property rights .

Instead , she alleges that she has been discriminated on the basis of her skin color , gender , and handicap . She alleges that not only was she turned down , but that the government took what was at the time her trade secrets in the form of proposals and used those to hire others to carry out the project of converting the old internet structures that were never designed for commerce or use by ordinary consumers . As though that was not bad enough , the African-American science teacher alleges that those supposedly under the color of law , judges , state officers , and others especially politicians set up to not only rob her of intellectual property rights but to destroy her personal life . Her Abstract Thoughts thoughts shown below opened an alternate universe that could be used to carry out transactions in cyberspace . After devising a way that she could work from home because of her handicap , she shared this information with the government proposing improvements and changes in its internet or telecom structures .

She has been and continues to be victimized by slander , censure on her own inventions by people who have profited from the government’s give away of her property without acknowledging or compensating her for her contributions . Her intellectual property is responsible for trillions of dollars in the U.S. economy alone not to mention other economies that have come to rely on telecommunications . She was victimized in her personal life by individuals at the very top committing crimes like common criminals including taking her home by fraud, slandering and libeling her name and reputation in order to discredit her and a litany of other crimes that have left her bankrupt and her poor health made worse .

She alleges that it was totally unnecessary for what amounts to cruel and bludgeoning behavior carried out by numerous individuals because of the set up by corrupt and crooked judges and politicians who literally stole her property both real estate and intellectual property so as to carry on the historical tradition here in the U.S. of trying to maintain enslaving people. She should have been respected and shown her rights . Her rights to a patent should not have been interrupted by a government that had stolen her IP and prevented patenting as well as refuse to declare Eminent Domain when the government again under a slew of violations made the decision to declare the Internet a utility . Hartman alleges that ownership was never established as she was never paid and is still continuing to be ignored.

The following abstract thoughts are what influenced her in preparing the proposals but like the teacher that she has been trained to be , she laid it out in simple steps that the recipients of her proposals could understand . between this and Https://,she alleges that you can understand the horrific acts of suffering and loss imposed upon her because of matters of race . She has no desire to run the Internet or the World , just be treated justly for her achievements and contributions . As it is the government enriched and empowered whom it wanted to including itself , while at the same time reducing her to slavery which though practiced is still illegal in this country .

“A bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. Although computers usually provide instructions that can test and manipulate bits, they generally are designed to store data and execute instructions in bit multiples called bytes.Just like rays of light can be streamed or transmitted so can bytes of data . A hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. The hologram is not real but formed by the the light rays being broken into points of intersecting light forming the image . Computer bytes of data can also be streamed , intersected and broken into text and images – forming the images shown on a website displaying the shoes that you have selected to see with your click on the computer . Whereas the technology community including the Internet Service Providers built the networks with funding from the government , Hartman contributed the ideas of using Cyberspace which is latent in computers and virtual. Virtual meaning ‘space that you cannot see nor is it tangible but it exists ‘ . We know that the nine members of your baseball team inside of your video game are not real but virtual and can be created much like a hologram but in this case created by computer bytes .

The number of ball players in your game can always be increased from 9 to 99 or to 1000 or any other number because they are virtuale as the . Websites can be virtual and the number of consumers or users logging into them can increase. Using this analogy it is easy to see why billions of customers can be online simultaneously. Selling phones, computers , ads to billions of customers could make you a millionaire or billionaire too were you as clever as the tech and ecommerce giants .”

Since I have been blogging about it for a number of years now – many of them who really did not understand it before – now understand it and are using their billions to try and gain more of the spectrum . No matter how it used and by whom , it represents concepts used by me in my creativity. If it reached to the middle of the universe or beyond and back , it would still be my invention . “That is its significance and the primary reason why the government had stolen it , Hartman alleges , practically before the ink on her proposals was dry . They recognized the inherent wealth producing power it had once the technology was married to commerce which is what my proposals in 1990 and my Patent Application No. 11,003,123 did .