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Methods to Remove Greenhouse Gases from Atmosphere

Hartman alleges that once her intellectual property was misappropriated by the government in 1990 that all of her patent(s) , patent applications , and documents went up for grabs . She alleges that her assets including home(s) were either illegally taken away through defamation and/or fraud and other(s) primarily Jews and Whites given access to her possessions . She alleges through the ruining of her name , reputation , and health that her property rights have been and continue to be violated . She alleges that her intellectual property designs were either stolen directly by the government or was made accessible to others , i.e , corporations , institutions , etcetera. Some information has been pulled from the Office itself or distributed somewhere else . She was forced to abandoned the above application being told that ideas were directed towards as much as 10 separate inventions . That is simply false . Different methods of delivery are shown but after it has been researched and shown to be safe for humans and for the planet.

The government apparently produced its own ideas …http://i-uv.com/removing-the-veil/chemtrails/

Although she had already moved to some more ideas and wanted to have contact with premier chemists and scientists working on Climate Change – she has been forbidden by the smearing of her name and reputation and also the theft of her intellectual property extending far beyond Patent Application No. 11003123 Accessing Accessibility. Ms. Hartman alleges that the U.S. government has either used her designs and templates to piggy-back off and to amend to put in its own format or extend its own agenda. This while allowing others to have access to her property while eliminating her from the entire process by fraud , lies , defamation ,impoverishment, and hurting her physically. She alleges that the Courts especially Appellate courts have continuously hidden it by refusing to review her claims -not allowing evidence including affidavits and potential witnesses to support what she claims is the validity of her claims . This has occurred in spite of the fact that she has done due diligence for the past 30 years appealing what she knew to be bad court opinions that hid the fraud on her home and on her intellectual property .