Other Hartman Inventions

Other Inventions by Hartman
Safety Device for Stoves and Ranges
Patent No. 4,155,343

ChildPatStoveSafety.3, Child Safety bassinetts and infant auto seats stolen and copied by corporations allowed by USPTO between 1990-2023Scrubbing Greenhouse Gases

Infant Bassinett for Side-Sleeping Support      0-global warming      still working oil stoil stop 1op 1 oil stop 2  oil stop 3  Oil Stopper with collecting tube – Hartman , page 4

Hartman's Snug 'n Secure Sleeper
Hartman alleges that once her ideas on the Internet were seized that other work in her patents portfolio went up for grabs and protection lost .

Childpatnurserysafety.1-1.pdfHartman’s Infant BasketHartman's Infant Auto Seat DesignsGlobal Warming Research Solicitation124483100 – Copy