Omicron or Blaming it all on Africa ?

Hartman files Case No. 21-2214 in the Court of Federal Claims against Atty. General Merrick Garland and the U.S. Department of Justice . Science Teacher and Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman filed her post regarding the later developing southern parts of the African Continent where natives were separated from the industrial revolution by dense jungles and lack of roads and infrastructure for hundreds of years . Anyhow following Hartman’s posting on November 12 , 2021 regarding African people and her subsequent filing on November 24 , 2021 of still another case against the American government – this time against Merrick Garland , the Attorney General of the United States and the Department of Justice for what she alleges is being subjected continuously to unfair court trials where evidence is kept from the record , the most recent being in the Court for Federal Claims , Case No. 20- 0832 and an appeal that the inventor alleges was not really an appeal as evidence was not reviewed , Case No. 21-1535 in the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit . See both Opinions here  Hartman alleges that she has been subjected to either crooked or unfair court cases for the past 30 years while Telecom and Ecommerce have boomed from the interjection of her ideas into the 2nd wave of the Internet or Internet 2  that began in the 1990’s .

Within a few days around the same time the last week of November began a wave of threats regarding the Omicron virus from South Africa . A wave by the way whose travel restrictions interfered with an African Economic Conference and started a wave all around the world . Not to dismiss viruses that are certainly dangerous but even the Africans had reported that the cases that they had apparently identified were 80% less likely to result in hospitalizations than Delta and some of the other strains or causes . Viruses can be exceptionally dangerous as the inventor herself believes that around 1958 when she herself suffered an attack of what was dubbed the Hong Kong Flu almost died and suffered inner ear abscesses to her right ear that she feels she never completely overcame damages as even today she suffers from recurrent ENT problems , Vertigo , and other issues .

However are these problems to be blamed on Africa ?  What is the matter with Africa ?  So much of this injustice is created by arrogance , foolishness , institutionalized racism , and people who think too much of themselves and not enough of others .

She is not underestimating the Pandemic that continues to rage but is it being used to camouflage other problems that were already plaguing the United States and therefore the world’s economic problems that were put in place by too much greed , the fraudulent take away of revenue and jobs from the population and extreme profits and money being distributed to a relatively few resulting in a one sided or lop sided distribution of wealth ?

Hartman’s trials are censured and  carried out in secret , she alleges with the government getting  corporation from internet agencies throttling her online websites , business start-ups ,  and even interfering with her court filings .  In the Case No. 2013-1070 where the Federal Circuit Ct. of Appeals In RE Dorothy M. Hartman where Hartman alleges that the government finished taking intellectual property that it had begun taking through her submissions to the U.S. Small Business Innovation Research Program in 1990 , prevented the Patent being issued in 2013 even though she was First to Invent and First to File . President Obama declared the Internet a public utility in 2016 – again no mention of the Inventor .” A clean sweep by the government “alleges Hartman that had already taken her home(s) signed off on by federal judges in Philadelphia who affirmed the fraudulent takeaway of her home(s) which were her only financial assets. She was defamed and driven into bankruptcy and discredited in legal databases such as Lexis Nexis making it impossible for a chronically ill black woman to fight back against the tyranny and domestic terrorist incursion by her own government . It is time to put racism aside and moving beyond stealing from others because of some imagined sense of superiority and privilege .

Why so much institutionalized racism .  What is the matter with Africa ?   It has it all including intellect , courage , talent in all kinds of arts and skills.Africa has it all including beauty . The beauty of this little one so great she looks like a china doll