No Sooner Said Then Done , Supreme Ct. and Congress Changing Rules




They have been using me and my case behind the scenes for years, the degree of crimes practiced against me extending even to Rico Crimes , but so far there appear to be no real wheels of Justice turning. Still hopeful as you would be too if you had your life and goals ripped out by institutionalized racism and greed. Follow the Cases Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States , Court of Federal Claims Case No. 20-00832 and the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States , Case 21-1535 . We will see but the continued censure and the hush-hush does not bode well . Currently the Case numbers are 21-2214 for the Federal Claims Court and Case 22-1955 for the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit .

Big Shots and Billionaires using Telecom Royalty Free for Years

Hartman alleges that the fact that she is the inventor of the Internet is forever kept from the Internet [ Her own invention ] and the Press [ That makes a living on it ] while since 1990 when the federal government began the theft of her telecommunications property [ without which there would be no Telecommunications ] everything has been done behind doors and hush=hush while her rights are continuously violated with everyone courts and lawmaker making new rules as once again she is in the wings seeking justice, See the Court Case that sealed the National Science Foundation taking of her intellectual property regarding the Internet here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1. Whenever the rights of black people are involved no matter how great or grand the prize – look for blatant violations of human rights – the absolute topsy turvy of what ever came before and all of these rule changes and laws occurring as the inventor’s supposed rights are supposed to be under consideration by the actors , including courts , Patent Office , National Science Foundation , Department of Commerce , the government itself that is supposed to be the default owner of everything although it is not the inventor . Nor are any of the millionaires and billionaires that it the government has chosen to rule over an industry that was taken over immediately by the government and never properly or legally dealt with .

During the so called FREE and OPEN INTERNET , NET NEUTRALITY DEBATE , that was nothing more than the government’s taking of Hartman’s intellectual property on the Internet through what Hartman alleges was a crooked trial and that there heve been many since , either her concerns including constitutional and civil rights violations being boldly practiced while Hartman’s private property including home and intellectual property taken cruelly through blatant lies , defamation , and fraud being openly practiced by the government .The Opinion from the Appeals Ct. for the Federal Circuit sealed the taking even though Hartman alleges that it is flawed and its seeking that it be overturned as it was mandated . Why because of the worldwide success of the Internet and the trillions of dollars that it is worth . Why now all the double talk about trying to dismantle the National Science Foundation and change patent law through this’ endless frontier’ legislation where Hartman alleges that as before when they knew that the Internet had an inventor they legislated all around her rights and made things up as they go which is what happens when it time to pay the big bucks to an African- American although they should because they were certainly not the ones that came up with it but still using the power of the government to cover their crimes when it comes to African- American rights .RCW 54.16.330: Telecommunications facilities—Purposes …
(6) A public utility district shall not exercise powers of eminent domain to acquire telecommunications facilities or contractual rights held by any other person or entity to telecommunications facilities. Since Hartman is an African – American disabled senior – then it’s okay to hide her in the closet through censure and crooked trials including courts and legislators who are busily trying once again to change the law as they did in 2011 – 2013 while it held Ms. Hartman’s intellectual property first taken by the National Science Foundation right from the Small Business Innovation Research Program when the National Science Foundation took Ms. Hartman’s property and made it the government’s property . Since then there have been all kinds of rules and regulations changing many of them practiced in the patent office where her patent application was held for years with the lawmakers constantly changing patent procedures and deliberately making the legal prosecution of a patent application impossible . How can you kick a field goal if the other team keeps changing the goal posts making it impossible . Hartman says that is what she has been exposed to for 30 years since making the mistake of trusting these forked tongue attitudes where the rules and the laws change when it comes to fulfilling justice for blacks . Just as the Appeals Ct. for the Federal Circuit was the underground background noise that no body heard because the principals involved were busy stealing the internet from Hartman to get to its FREE and OPEN INTERNET which has only been FREE in that MS. Hartman’s rights have been totally ignored and disregarded while everyone else who was given her property freely by the government led by the Clintons and Obama she was attacked and stripped of everything she owns in her life . Then came the Public Utility again MS. Hartman’s rights run over by crooked court cases , legislators changing laws while her intellectual property held captive in the crookedness and fraud in the U.S. Patent Office . Now here we go again with the Supreme Court seemingly about to patch over the crimes that have been ongoing by the federal government and state governments against Ms. Hartman’s rights while the misinformation and the whitewashing continues on the Internet about Telecommunications and all of its aspects . Now here comes again the legislators as they did in 2008-2013 and later 2016 when the Internet was declared a public utility – keeping matters out of sight and trying to continue to strip Hartman of rights by their on going movement of the goal posts while keeping in control of illegally gained intellectual property from an African-American who is being used as a slave on which the country has built its power , fame, and wealth on her back while it still exploits and sweeps the matter under the rug.