My Ideas Were Introduced by Others

Starting with the Clinton Administration , my ideas were taken over and presented by others as being ideas and projects of the government and Obama declared the Internet a utility in 2016 – all without credit and compensation to the Inventor See Information Superhighway here Clinton used new internet to sign Nafta with China , Mexico
Not just for the Search Engine that I introduced as a project when I shared ideas on improving Telecom , the Accessing Accessibility Process that I allege the government used to build the successful Internet 2 – I tried to obtain funding for research and development. The following are experiences of my encounters for two things ,

    • Gore and others used her ideas on Climate Change to build their own agenda using her work for talking points . He also introduced the Information Superhighway and many thought that he was the inventor of the new Internet .

See video on Information Superhighway , intro to new Internet

Methods to Scrub Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere


    the Infant Basket for Side Sleeping Support

. The Infant Basket I wanted to research develop here in the U.S. and market it here and abroad . My earliest attempt at trying to research climate change was a not so good proposal submitted in 1984 which was poorly typed by hand and I had no laboratory but I did have contacts with Academia and feel that I could have pulled it together with the opportunity to hire a team of experts . At that time I was 40 years old with energy to spare and more than that a desire to contribute and help Even though I have moved beyond those ideas – I still would love to confer with premier chemists there might yet be answers . I am only an educator but I have excellent organizational skills and can help consolidate certain view points. I even sent suggestions to BP about the oil spill in the gulf and even though they initially responded and thanked me for my suggestions and told me they would let me know what they thought about them – I never heard from them again . I could hardly have a successful corporation , if I was not given the opportunity to form one . Who knows if I would have been successful or not . I apparently was never good enough to fund or support but good enough to copy.

That is who I am a creative thinker who produces ideas to help. Although I have always wanted a successful and good life style like most people , my skills and talents are not about money they are about using my God given talents to make a difference. My skills are learned through education and experience in applying them. I firmly believe that my talents are given by God . I do not deserve what was done to me. I deeply resent it and I want Justice which has been too long delayed . Perhaps I just expressed too much naivete in submitting big ideas to powerful people . I had no choice as I could hardly accomplish it by myself , but I still regret because of the attacks and suffering that I have endured caused by institutionalized racism and excessive greed by powerful people who felt that because of my skin color , gender , and handicap that they were entitled to run all over my constitutional and civil rights .

The big shots involved in this from presidential administrations , department of commerce , patent office [ who are undersecretaries of the Department of commerce] literally took intellectual property that had been misappropriated by the National Science Foundation and built by Merit Networks for the government . While this great theft was occurring , the inventor’s name and reputations were being wrecked by defamation , her homes taken through fraud , and suffering personal injury . The motivation the trillions of dollars from an Internet that is successful compared to the Arpanet ( served as Internet 1 ) until 1989 that was not successful nor capable of carrying online traffic .