Inventor Is Not Interested In Running The World

WHERE IS PAYMENT FOR MY PROPERTY ? YOU CANNOT JUST STEAL AND NOT PAY PEOPLE EVEN WHEN YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT ?  United States government has illegally held her personal and intellectual property for 30 years changing rules , statutes , laws all around it to prevent a legal trial on hearing her rights …… like kicking a field goal while the other team keeps changing the goal posts…

Where is a legal trial on this matter ? When will the Government compensate me for my work ?

Who’s whacked ?  Racism truly is a blinding thing for some… Not for everyone because some people see things for what they truly are .

Inventor is not interested in ruling the world , only interested in being paid what is owed to her by law . She has asked for 30 years and at any point they could have and should have straightened it out – but instead have chosen to deny and persecute her ? While empowering and enriching themselves. They should have paid the inventor years ago . It certainly would have been the lawful and decent thing to do . Perhaps some people think more of themselves than they should and not enough of others . I cannot say where prejudice and superstition about race comes from .  Perhaps this is more a response to the past 400 years and the repercussions from the slavery of African natives brought from the Southern part of the African Continent when Europeans went there in the 14th , 15th , and 16th century. However the Northern part of the African Continent includes Egypt , Ethiopia , and Nubia in which civilizations reigned for thousands of years . African Americans are as unique and varied as any other group of people and my understanding is that we are human . African- Americans are people too and have it all : intellect , strength  , talent , skills , and beauty [ the featured image is that of a little Nigerian girl who looks like a porcelain doll she is so beautiful ] . They participate in all walks of life . Had this been kept in mind , this kind of debacle would never had occurred and rather than practicing institutionalized racism – the administrations would have done things according to law and not politics in the first place….

It would have not only protected Ms. Hartman’s rights but protected the rights of the country and made the nation better off.  The economy was in trouble before the pandemic because of corruption and bad policies building an uneven society in which all of the wealth is attributed to a relative few . The Pandemic just made matters worse , but disaster and bankruptcy was had already been baked into the cake because of corruption and bad policies . See Does a Patented Internet Make Sense ? In 3 parts …. Part 1  ;  Does A Patented Internet Make Sense … Part 2  ; Does a Patented Internet Make Sense ? Part 3