Internet Inventor Alleges That Her Contributions Treated As Nothing …




Stock Market Open Today . Internet Inventor alleges that the Internet is her invention . Her contributions helped build the Nasdaq Stock Market .

Is the U.S. stock market open today ? My intellectual property that I am now suing the United States Government over is part of marketwatch but never realized as such . I am the true inventor of the Accessing Accessibility Process submitted by myself to the government’s SBIR – Small Business Innovation Research Program in 1990. That intellectual property was instrumental in building today’s Internet that is prominent in its use by Telecommunications , Ecommerce , and the Nasdaq Stock Market . Although it has been 30 years since this injustice occurred – it must be straightened out before the Telecom can move forward .

When did the Digital Revolution begin ?

My ideas were everything , but I was white-washed out of the history and process , defamed , defrauded , and tyrannized by government corruption . 30 years later still fighting to heal my life from what was done to me .

The adaptation of my ideas in Accessing Accessibility , title of proposals – The Feasibility of Accessing Accessibility that was introduced to the government through proposals submitted to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) is what made true online participation by the masses possible .Why I am fighting this overwhelming injustice in court . Court Case No. 22-1955 in the Appeals Ct. for the Federal Circuit . You can follow at and review court documents for about 10 cents per page . Hartman’s insight as an inventor and skills as a science teacher taught these concepts to the government in its SBIR [ Small Business Innovation and Research ] program(s) , but she was then politically assaulted and eliminated from the program constituting a breach of contract .

So my ideas were not nothing , but they were the beginning of the online Digital Revolution everything successful with the Internet because it allowed participation by consumers and introduced diversity in the amount and variety of  transactions on the Internet .  The previous internet under the name of the ARPANET or ‘ Internetting Projects’ as they were referred to as they contained a series of smaller nets and was set up totally different from today’s Internet that essentially consists of a wave or carpet of cyberspace on which billions of users can be logged on or logged off simultaneously . When did the Digital Revolution begin ?Although my ideas were based on abstract thoughts , I placed them into steps that could be used and unfortunately they could be used to build the current Internet . Unfortunately for me the inventor because although it empowered the government and has made a number of millionaires and billionaires – they have profited from it .However the government seriously damaged me . This is a case of government corruption and political corruption that should be resolved with justice in mind for the inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman . It was her ideas that opened wide the door to the digital revolution .still fighting the horrendous injustice after 30 years of the theft of the Internet and the changes not all of them good for everyone but especially for the inventor who continues to suffer injustice , discrimination , and the theft of her personal property.A bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. Although computers usually provide instructions that can test and manipulate bits, they generally are designed to store data and execute instructions in bit multiples called bytes. Just like rays of light can be streamed or transmitted so can bytes of data . A hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. The hologram is not real but formed by the the light rays being broken into points of intersecting light forming the image . Computer bytes of data can also be streamed , intersected and broken into text and images – forming the images shown on a website displaying the shoes that you have selected to see with your click on the computer . Where as the technology community including the Internet Service Providers built the networks with funding from the government , Hartman contributed the ideas of using Cyberspace which is latent in computers and virtual. Virtual meaning ‘space that you cannot see nor is it tangible but it exists ‘ . We know that the nine members of your baseball team inside of your video game are not real but virtual and can be created much like a hologram but in this case created by computer bytes . The number of ball players in your game can always be increased from 9 to 99 or to 1000 or any other number because they are virtual. Websites can be virtual and the number of consumers or users logging into them can increase. Using this analogy it is easy to see why billions of customers can be online simultaneously. Selling phones, computers , ads to billions of customers could make you a millionaire or billionaire too were you as clever as the tech and ecommerce giants …..

 This enabled consumers to buy , sell , and transfer goods and services online . This created an explosion of commercial success online Certainly not me , the inventor and supplier of the ideas did not achieve commercial success . I was denied the funding that I requested from the SBIR agencies $25,000 – $35,000 . I was attacked by corruption in government that caused me to lose everything that I had worked for in a life time .  Attempts that I made to start my own websites and online businesses were hacked and/or destroyed .Unfortunately I was set up for extreme loss and suffering and now still struggling in Court after 30 years for JUSTICE .

When did the Digital Revolution begin ?

*Information has since been edited or changed , not sure of recent updates.

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