How can one establish rules and regulations where property is not owned?
(6) A public utility district shall not exercise powers of eminent domain to acquire telecommunications facilities or contractual rights held by any other person or entity to telecommunications facilities.

Hartman alleges that after the government began using her ideas to change from previous internet , the number of users began to explode .

Since it is my very argument that the government does not own the present field of Telecommunications because it was illegally transferred and essentially hijacked from an African American female inventor , then why is it that now that she is seeking justice – all of a sudden rules are changing in the courts relevant to eminent domain , telecommunications and even congress is trying to change the nature of government departments that Hartman’s lawsuit names as offenders such as the National Science Foundation , the Department of Commerce , United States Patent and Trademark Office and others in its ‘endless frontiers’ act . Could it be that the government is in the process of legislating itself from responsibility for crimes and corruption – as it is only a black , disabled woman that they are scapegoating for their ill gotten gains ?

I want to express my argument as well as I can because otherwise White or Jewish men who may be ill or handicapped have been respected in their fields of endeavor or accomplishments no matter what the status of their health . I as an African American school teacher suffering with ill health and matters that should have been only between myself , my doctors ( those that I trust ) and the Social Security Administration instead have had lies upon lies with defamation levied upon my privacy and character by crooked doctors as well as judges in Pennsylvania spreading lies and fraud around like a disease.  In the  “invade and destroy” campaign the government carried out against me and is continuing to carry out against me and my life in order to keep control of my intellectual property without compensating me , crimes are being committed along with violations of my civil and constitutional rights .

That is why I find it hard to understand why ” they ” as per usual are doing everything backwards . They still refuse to acknowledge me as the inventor of the modern day Internet and Worldwide Web and still continue to try to deny fair trials and hearings on the height and depth of crimes that I have suffered as they continue to perpetuate the theft using their bully pulpits and power to spread misinformation and fraud . How can they carve up the Internet or pass merger or antitrust rules and regulations when ownership of the Internet and Worldwide Web [ spreading of the internet across borders and continents ] has still not been determined. From what I can ascertain , the government’s legal ownership according to law extended from Darpa’s Internet

The beginning of the Internet in 1969
Darpa’s Internet to its Arpanet shown here…

1987 Arpanet

to the Arpanet , retired in 1989 then comes the NSFnet , National Science Net introducing my ideas in 1990-1991 , THE TRANSFORMATION . Now I am supposedly “criminal and crazy” because they do not want to pay me , the COLORED , the big bucks owed to me . However they can attribute trillions of dollars to themselves , ecommerce , and big technology [ big on account of Hartman’s version of telecommunications ] but no acknowledgment or compensation to the Inventor . After Transformation and the start of the use of the inventor’s concept of telecommunications , the number of users exploded .

So let’s look at the real truth . Is it possible for an inventor to own ideas even when those ideas are capable of burgeoning all over the world and beyond ,limited only by the availability of necessary equipment and process ? Of course , it is and that is what is happening in this case and has from the beginning . The reason why the government including government actors have treated Ms. Hartman abominably while stealing her intellectual property without acknowledging or paying her is because of the power and wealth producing properties of her version of the Internet , not like the previous government version or the Arpanet .

Hartman’s invention , the Accessing Accessibility Process , Patent Application #11003123 is based on her abstract thoughts , but she placed those thoughts into steps that she allege were stolen by the National Science Foundation in 1990-1991 and then commissioned Merit Networks , IBM, MCI mail and others to apply those ideas to the skeletal network(s) of the government’s or Darpa’s original Internet begun in 1969. I will examine in further writings why the government is wrong in assuming intellectual property by Ms. Hartman without applying proper law .

“The Examiner bears the initial burden … of presenting a prima-facie case of unpatentability ” InreOetiker 977F.2d 1443,1445.24 USPQ2d 1443 ,1444(Fed Cir.1992 ). If the record as a whole suggests that it is more likely than not that the claimed invention would be considered a practical application of an abstract idea , … natural phenomenon , or law of nature, the examiner should not reject the claim.

Although the Internet as conceived and invented by Hartman is not limited as the government’s internet , called the ARPANET was  and it is no doubt huge and capable of further extension , it is nonetheless not INDEFINITE as the government claimed when the Appeals Ct. for the Federal Circuit took the inventor’s invention in 2013 through what she alleges is a flawed opinion to deny inventor the patent so that the government could take control of the property  as she alleges crooked judges and other officers took her homes so as to impoverish her and blackball her from legal representation .