Hartman Inventions Continued ..


Inventors always know their own inventions and products than copycats and intellectual property thieves. Since the Internet rip off there has been an attack on small and independent inventors allowing corporations and others access to the independent innovator’s property .

Hartman's Snug 'n Secure Sleeper Hartman alleges that once her ideas on the Internet were seized that other work in her patents portfolio went up for grabs and protections lost . Her property rights lost through government corruption , a smearing campaign ,fraudulent civil asset forfeiture and fraud . Inventor alleges that child furniture manufacturers were able to steal her ideas from the trade show held by America Invents and that the padded version shown here in pink and at a tilting angle was adopted and stolen by others without purchasing the true design – that she herself wanted to design and place on the market . She did have a prototype built , but was unable to finish without funding . Prototype shown here above and on the next page is Hartman’s version .Other inventions , taken by others and not developed by inventor.


Prototype Search Engine Talk Shoppe Inc. Information Retrieval Service founded Feb. 1990

The First "Search Engine"