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The FCC repeals Net Neutrality . What does that mean ? 

Sounds good . Did it work ? Link above may not work but in order to understand how to move forward with the Internet and Worldwide Web it is important to understand the history and where we have been . Like a Joe Biden trying to please everything and everybody but what WENT on behind the scenes ?  A power grab by the government and run away riches by big tech companies and ecommerce . To many it does not seem to matter as they think their profits will continue . But will they ? The government needs to do better.

What drove the industry was enslaving and ruining the life of a black inventor while the government took full reins of property rights including real estate and intellectual property owned personally by the inventor and declared itself full owner by default claiming the new internet in 1990 [ not known as new ] was grandfathered in by Darpa military government that had established the original internet called the Arpanet .

Are any of these agencies real , the FCC , FTC, and the changes that occurred in the telecommunications industry in 1990 ushering in another set of rules that for the longest time were regulated by the 1934 Telecommunications Act , finally updated in 1996 Telecommunications Act . How does one regulate an Internet established in 1993 with a telecommunications law from 1934 or even an Internet established in 1969.  All of this done , acts by congress and Presidents establishing policies that had no legal basis in fact except that they were done over the constitutional and civil rights violations of an African- American and even the United States violating its own rules and regulations so that it could have control and power of a new technology [ Digital Revolution ] and therefore set it all in motion . Patenting the intellectual property would have been good for the nation because the design was created right here in this country instead of using it to enrich a few .

For approximately 30 years it ran very well ushering in a real age of consumerism with Americans purchasing goods and services many created abroad . Most of the ones involved in the fraud and cover up have prospered . That includes Media , Big Tech , Ecommerce , some Judges were promoted because of it , some Presidents and members of Congress made money and their reputations from it . Now it is time to pay the piper . Was innovation achieved and encouraged ?  No , stifled . Sounds too good , promising everybody everything knowing that you cannot deliver especially building on a shaky foundation . The promises sound so good but certain women olympic archers are unhappy when they must compete with others different from them .

Proper intellectual property laws should have been adhered to .  What in essence happened the flood gates were opened to lawlessness and corruption because the personal property belonged to a n_gg_e_. Let’s just put it out there for what it is . Those that were a part of the fraud that declared the inventor’s personal property as a public utility without declaration of eminent domain , exactly what issuing bandwidths and purchasing telecom licensing meant not recognized made out like bandits most of them . No , I should not have been sacrificed but dealt with in a legal manner . A level of oligarchy never seem before in the country began to emerge from bailed out banks to the give away of someone else’s intellectual property to the tech community without them having to pay a dime in royalties and now in many cases no taxes either . So now a small number of HAVES and a big number of HAVE-NOTS and  what difference will it make when oligarchs rule the world ? 

An unhappy world struggling with climate change . Do not be fooled by the toys and gadgets enabling you to coexist in a virtual world . What good is virtual paradise when we still need to get back to quality living right here on earth . The edge of space is not Mars . Who knows even if we got there what we would find .

No , I am not a happy camper and neither would you be if everything that you worked for in a lifetime was being stolen by others who exploit you and then try to pretend that you do not exist . I guess there really is a reason why I was blessed or cursed with these really big ideas depending on one’s perspective . As imaginative as I am being a science teacher and an inventor – so while seeing the reality of things I can dream of better – I mostly desire betterment and improvement . I am a democrat but a different kind of democrat – not a hypocrite who supposedly supports everything , gives away the store , and does not support basic human rights . Otherwise they would not support exploiting me for reasons of institutionalized racism trying to appease prejudice through fraud and corruption . Had I been White or Jewish such disrespect of my humanity would never have happened . The gross theft of my property and the sweeping it under the rug and still continuing to deny swift justice on the government’s 30 year victimization of my rights is not a good thing . Justice is overdue .