Forked Tongue or Two-levels of Justice ?

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Go to . Look up the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit  , the current Appeals case is 22-1955 , party Dorothy Hartman ; Case is Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States . If you have problems locating the case call . There is a 10 cents charge per sheet for each document that you want to view…However some of the documents are listed on my blog at and on the Home page . There is no charge to download from there .

While the new president , Joe Biden rushes to at least increase the presence of blacks and show minorities the respect they deserve – his recognition of Indigenous People Day in Pennsylvania an example. However his Department of Justice continues the assault , modern day slavery , and lawless oppression of the rights of the modern day internet , Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman .  Ms. Hartman has been trying for 30 years to obtain justice regarding the abominable treatment of a woman of color by the government of the United States . This assault began under the Clinton / Gore administration with the theft of her home(s) and the theft of her intellectual property continued by the Obama/Biden administration and there has been no real effort to straighten it out. Just more crooked trials or no trials led by each Department of Justice of the United States in order to cover up the truth and keep propagating the most egregious misinformation of all concerning the internet .

Ms. Hartman continues her allegations of that the United States Government stole her design of the Internet and made it theirs by the unlawful takings of her intellectual property ; the misappropriation of her trade secrets shared with them in the 1990’s supposedly in exchange for funding for the development of an online business . She claims they stole the ideas and attacked her in her personal life with defamation , barring her from legal representation, the destruction of her home , and that she was attacked by racist judges and doctors who harmed her . “They dismantled my entire life for trying to fight back against their enormous evil and are still censuring my story and covering the tracks of these violations and crimes   from the highest officers in the government claiming the greatest invention of the 20th century – internet and worldwide web is their invention and it is not . I want and deserve a legal and lawful trial of what has been and is still being done and censured from the public .” secret-trial-to-internet-inventor

So while Ms. Hartman says that it is very nice of President Biden to talk about the so called race riot of Tulsa Oklahoma that is only one of a number of places where hateful whites went in and slaughtered well doing African Americans and seized their property – and appointment of an African American woman vice president of the United States – the persecution and scapegoating of Ms. Hartman for the corruption and crimes of these people continues who are using her intellectual property without her permission . While Ms. Hartman’s heartiest congratulations goes out to both Vice- President Kamala Harris and Ms. Kristen Clarke appointment to the Civil Rights Division of the Department Justice – these moves by the Biden administration do not help Ms. Hartman’s situation .