Does A Patented Internet Make Sense … Part 2

Royalty Free Power

Royalty Free Power but at what cost and to whom ?


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Thus far the only sign of any activity that I see as the abuses continue is some anonymous entity that has made it presence known on my computer thus far removing my personal documents and passwords from my computer .  I have received no respect or sensibility from this crème de la crème scum in 20 years – what makes me think they will change now ? It might not be too late , but can they make the changes they need to make . Come on, you do not really think that we have until 2040 or 2050 to clean up the environment when fierce storms are causing many lives and trillions of  dollars in storm damage in 2021 ?  Nor do we have the time to take too long to figure out what to do next with the economy .  An economy the size of the United States cannot exist on debt and printed money . Something needs to change . Perhaps it would be better to patent and license the Internet and make retroactive laws . At least it gives a legal standing rather than continue on a slippery slope .  How do you stop a runaway train of arrogance , excessive greed , racial hatred , and destruction .  Apply the breaks !!!!  Assess the situation . Then do the next best thing . It beats doing the same thing and practicing the same failed policies . The real definition of insanity , doing the same things ad infinitem even when they do not work. The inventor is very angry , why would she not be ? However , I believe logic and common sense are still functioning .

However I am going to speak up as clearly rather than pay me they would rather continue to hurt me or worse . I cannot express again how sorrowful that I am about ever sharing a grand invention like the Internet with these people . With all due respect I do not worship Barack Obama any more than I do Donald Trump . I think that history will show that Obama after feigning how much he hated “Citizens United’ the act that gave corporations ‘people status’ turned around and turned the country’s treasury to the banks . The Banks have been in charge ever since , getting richer and richer while the population especially the middle class has basically been destroyed .

disappeared and the economy suffered.  He did the same thing with my Intellectual Property to the Internet – fraud and misrepresentation while preventing me from representation by a lawyer which is supposed to be every citizen’s right  was used by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the National Science Foundation to steal the Internet . Since I have been kept discredited , defamed , charged with being ‘crazy’ , and subjected to crooked court trials that have taken practically everything I own – even so the Internet has not fared that well up under those who did steal it as its theft was signed off on by the top levels of government .

The Internet under a black supposedly crazy woman ?  Ironically,One that they copy every opportunity that they get, but want to continue to brutalize and disrespect because of skin color . What would happen to white superiority , male domination , and exceptionalism ?  Even though she is responsible for these ideas that made the Internet what it is and that is successful over the previous Internet founded by the prior tech community was not adapted for Commerce as a matter of fact Commerce had been “forbidden” and their concept of telecommunications the internet based on the Arpanet had failed by 1989 . They did not patent and did not pay her so that they could claim ownership and proceeded with the grand give away to empower themselves and enrich a few .

But was that the end of their mistakes , uh , uh , NO.. By denying the patent to Hartman they also cut off any licensing for the Internet as licensing for a invention can only be granted once and that is to the Inventor . So what they basically did was cut off any real opportunity to stabilize the Internet .  To add insult to injury they gave the resource away free – free broadband here , free broadband there , free broadband anywhere … Now that many countries have the technology and are actually gaining in prowess and competition – now they are running and scrambling about like dingbats do trying to protect the Internet which indeed will be very hard to do because of the way it was handled from the beginning . It’s birthplace was here and I am its creator although I freely admit that the government paid for it and Merit Networks along with a few partners chosen by the National Science Foundation built it .

Now let me tell you what I envisioned and why they made the error by shutting me out . The following are ways in which the Internet which is a resource that at one time rivaled oil and gas because at one time they were the greatest drivers of the economy – now telecommunications is :

The patent license protects both foreign and domestic :

  1. The Internet could and should have been sold to other nations – not given away free . Granted some nations already have telecommunications but the more sophisticated Internet could have been sold and /or leased forever bringing revenues into the country which would fill the country’s treasury . No longer breaking the backs of the middle class and working poor while others hoard their profits . Importing for sale or leasing a resource is a sound way to enrich a country . Therefore no budget deficits . No debt . No debt ceiling . Real jobs and for the first time in a long time , country back in No.1 position . There are still emerging and developing nations for future imports.
  2. A national governing body consisting of Americans but also inviting foreign representatives from other countries to participate to maintain balance , fairness and competition .
  3. The present status of the Internet would remain the same each business , agency , organization , and individual status would remain as is unless changed by them . Except that ICANN would be in 2nd governance position after the National Governing Body mentioned above – as ICANN’s experience as the international body that has governed until licensing would be necessary and useful to maintain continuity .
  4. There should be a part of the Internet set aside for government and or military functions .

Is not too late to harness or patent that power and this time pay the inventor and own it legally -then it can be better defended .

They made of me a ” cat ” joke , but the joke is now on the jackals !!!! image