Does a Patented Internet Make Sense ? In 3 parts …. Part 1


Edited and republished on 04/26/2022`, edited 08/10/2022

The U.S.  shot itself in the foot . Not only did it wrongly rob me of a much deserved and prima facie patent for what at the time was a novel and unique invention – but history has shown the moves it made in addition to violating the inventor’s constitutional rights set the economy on a destructive course . Following Reagonomics and the movements to get rid of union jobs , the Clinton administration upon the invention of the Internet first called the Information Superhighway signed the NAFTA agreement exporting jobs to nations like China and Brazil and exporting telecom with them . All to blow up the economy creating quite a few millionaires and billionaires – that moved helped on by Obama who appeased it all into play U.S. Treasury to the Banks , and the new invention Telecom to increase ECommerce and Big Technology . Citizens United giving corporations constitutional rights and other moves towards developing a society of oligarchs has now led to a debt ridden economy .

Does Patented Internet Make Sense ? Of course it does , click here .

Created on 2018-02-18 21:16

Published on 2018-02-18 22:20 , edited 08/10/2022

“The latest mania going on behind the scenes regarding the Internet is the so called Acts now being sought by Congress to protect the Internet or sometimes the terminology of stabilizing the Internet is used . Besides naming certain countries in the search for those who might be a threat to the cyberspace of the U.S. , I know for certain that a part of their strategy is to continue to omit the Internet Inventor from any credit or recognition . This explains why in addition to the other unlawful attacks directed towards me including defamation of my name and reputation as well as the illegal confiscation of my home they are defaming my websites and small business as well .

Under the auspices of the government and the so-called private and public agencies like ICANN– especially web hosts and registrars with help from search engines my websites  were taken over or hijacked with their dns now placed all over the place on a bunch of nefarious sites . They presently are offline – needed to be rebuilt . They first defamed me in an effort to discredit then extended their defamation and smearing to my websites which only exercise my right to FREE SPEECH . Each and everyone of these crimes that I have been enduring especially for the last two years or more since I have been reporting the incidents to the Department of Justice have increased and have never stopped although I was promised “ investigations “ . It makes one wonder about the source of the investigations .

Thus far the only sign of any activity that I see as the abuses continue is some anonymous entity that has made its presence known on my computer thus far removing my personal documents and passwords from my computer . While I am lied about and my websites censured online to prevent my advancement online the true criminals continue their abuses . Of course I would not have shared my IP had I known how it would be handled .

However I am going to continue to speak up as clearly rather than pay me they would rather continue to rob me than deal with me justly . To hear others say that ” I should not fight for something that was not meant for me ” , is just absolutely crazy. The ideas , thoughts , and proposals came from me so how is it that it was not meant for me . What is not meant is that some people see themselves as superior over others and abuse the power of their office in violation of the rule of law to oppress others simply because they can .

With all due respect I do not worship Barack Obama any more than I do Donald Trump . I think that history will show that Obama after feigning how much he hated “Citizens United’ the act that gave corporations ‘people status’ turned around and handed the country’s treasury over to the banks . The Banks have been in charge ever since , getting richer and richer while the population especially the middle class has basically disappeared and the economy is still suffering no matter how much the stock market rises. He did the same thing with my Intellectual Property as a Small Entity to the Internet handing it over to tech –through fraud and misrepresentation while rogue judges prevented me from representation by a lawyer which is supposed to be every citizen’s right. These wranglings went on while the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the National Science Foundation stole the Internet . Since what I allege is the theft I have been kept discredited , defamed , charged with being ‘crazy’ , and subjected to crooked court trials that have taken practically everything I own – even so the Internet has not fared that well up under those who did steal it considering that its theft was signed off on by the top levels of government .

–  One good thing is I am the one with licensing and that licensing would belong here in the United States of America . If the government is going to pay Eminent Domain and it should it should be on intellectual property that is under the constitution of the United States of America and therefore benefiting America . Essentially the Internet was treated as ‘fool’s gold’ instead of the treasure that it truly is . It should have been properly licensed and made stable right here in this country where it was founded . Instead of chasing black gold or oil that has further imperiled the planet and made it practically inhabitable . The Internet should have been traded , bought and sold and made currency instead of given away to make those who controlled it rich and everyone else subjects . Check out Part 2 of Does Patenting The Internet Makes Sense ? in my next post . Is it too late for stabilizing the Internet ? They have supposedly made me , ‘the cat’ , the butt of the jokes . But are they ? Communication , how it has changed . Could its improvement done more to help the country succeed ?