DOE , DOD , White House Meets with Big Technology

Hartman’s invention led to the use of cyberspace that gives the Internet expansive quality and the ability to host billions of users at one time so how is it that these other telecom companies are recognized but the inventor is not ?

White House hosts open-source software security summit in light of expansive Log4j flaw – CyberScoop   This is exactly why I am asking every human rights group around the world to keep an eye on this trial , Case No. 21-2214 in the Federal Court of Claims Dorothy M. Hartman vs. the United States and especially the Biden Administration for failing to allow legal trials as to how and why the United States Government illegally confiscated her intellectual property from a DOE/DOD – SBIR program in 1990 . I invite you to read my complaint ; it is the only way that you will hear anything about this case. Smoke screens like the pandemic and supply shortages and now talk of war clouds everything . Justice for me can give opportunity to others and help put the country back on its feet .


The Complaint that Ms. Hartman filed in the Court basically lists mostly every single one of these agencies or agents as being responsible for the illegal take away of her property , the Accessing Accessibility Process – a method that Ms. Hartman claims that the government uses everyday in its use of the Internet and Worldwide Web but continues to treat Ms. Hartman a disabled African-American woman that the government continues to treat as a slave without any rights so as to avoid paying Ms. Hartman the true value for her intellectual property . Ms. Hartman alleges that the DOD /Doe and other government agencies that first received her property in 1990 has never relinquished it and continues with the use of unfair and crooked trials to keep control .

Go to and look up the Court Case because her story is still being censured on line and the big tech companies that the government is now using as law enforcement are the very tech companies that are interfering with Ms. Hartman’s websites and stories online . Does the name of the big brass , the military industrialist complex make the government’s taking of Ms. Hartman’s property any more legal . Ms. Hartman who just filed FTC and FCC complaints against the big tech companies for throttling her online presence and hacking into her ability to  be online and file her case before the court . Now all of a sudden these Big Tech companies that were given rights to her intellectual property by the government primarily the Clinton-Gore administations and the Biden-Obama administrations are now being right arms to the government .  Something is very wrong here . I intend on pursuing Justice because the government is still taking the property by defamation , lies , and fraud and no legal moves at all were made in personally taking Ms. Hartman’s real estate property and intellectual property so that the government can still try and pretend that today’s internet is the same as the Arpanet started by the federal government in 1969. That has yet to be proven . The government has used Ms. Hartman’s intellectual property royalty free from 1990 and continues to do for its own good and the good of big tech that it relies on for information . Does that protect the privacy of the people ? image