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Government Corruption in the U.S.

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Why has federal government and the courts ignored evidence of Hartman's filing with its Small Business Innovation Research Program

Government corruption and how to stop corruption . Hopefully by granting Justice says Inventor .

African American Inventor sues administration over Internet rights . Government corruption abounds , says Dorothy M. Hartman who says for the past 30 years with the explosion of telecommunications and ecommerce that the government has continuously violated her constitutional and civil rights . ” I continue to seek Justice while repeatedly being exposed to trials without due process of law .”

” I am the true inventor of today’s internet but have not been recognized in violation of the 5th Amendment of the Constitution among other things . Inventor is challenging Case Number 2013-1070 In Re Dorothy M. Hartman in the Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit where she alleges federal government completed theft begun of her property submitted to governments SBIR program in 1990 by preventing her from patenting her ideas, U.S. Application # 11003123 in United States Patent and Trademark Office . She alleges a slew of corrupt politicians are involved . See more at



Should inventions be awarded on the basis of race ?

Hartman alleges that once the government received her proposals and recognized the potential for growth and wealth that her ideas were adopted . There had been previous small ventures of telecommunications under the previous “Internetting projects” or the Arpanet that was the Internet 1.

However she alleges because of her skin color , being a woman , and disabled the trifecta of oppression that all of a sudden everyone that had been associated with the advent of the first internet supposedly had ideas before she did and therefore she was prevented from patenting and also her ideas were adopted by the federal government that undertook her intellectual property as belonging to the government .

What is corruption ? The government breaking its own conflict of interest laws . They then set themselves up to profit from it . Meanwhile as an African-American she was set aside and stripping her of being a member of the “public” even allowing the publishing of falsified public records including so called criminal records and made up addresses , relatives , and /or friends and in this case allowing the publishing of falsified medical records , the official under the “color of law” continues to change the identity of the claimant , perjure evidence , tamper with evidence , and obstruct justice .

This information set up by rogue judges and state officers out of Pennsylvania , the inventor’s residential state .These are reprehensible acts that breach the contract created when the inventor participated in the Small Business Innovation Research program of the federal government in violation of the inventor’s civil and constitutional rights .

Hartman alleges that it was invalidation of her side of the contract so that the government would have complete and total control of the invention and do it using the pressure of politics , excluding law to oppress the inventor and prevent Justice .

The government being enabled by unjust court trials are turning the Constitution and Civil Law on its head in order to continue use of these violations to prevent Hartman from Justice . It is tantamount that new evidence be submitted to the court since the entire discussion will be based upon whether actors under the color of law , and not just State but also Federal and even local can be shown to practice violations of her rights instead of law when it comes to dispensing justice in the case of Dorothy M. Hartman who alleges that these are her reasons for taking this matter to the Court of the United States ;

It is also tantamount that rules of evidence and appellate court rules followed so that due process and equal access to law should be provided to a minority who has contributed much to society but has had her personal property both real estate and intellectual property confiscated by the federal government apparently motivated by institutionalized racism and run away greed.

The Internet that the United States has built for itself that it uses as a power tool , surveillance tool , and “cash cow” for oligarchs across the world in its global partnerships .The Claimant alleges that it is inexcusable for the government to enable the hiding of the evidence in court cases that violate federal rules of evidence as well as appellate procedure. Government corruption 2022 .

How to stop corruption ? She has alleged that in addition to all of the violations that occurred during the legal proceedings in her case involving State Court , Federal Court , and even higher courts : Appeal and even writs to the Supreme Court that were not reviewed have all shown a pattern of obstruction of Justice to keep unjust situation over her by the federal government in play .

I was 44 years old about when I made the mistake of involving myself with these people to help myself , the people , and advance the economy of the United States . My intellectual property was used for everything else but . First shipped out to international oligarchs across the planet .